The Central Florida Tennis Association, CFTA, was founded by, and is managed by players who in the true spirit of the game, share a deep and common passion for tennis and all that it represents. CFTA seeks to serve the Central Florida and beyond by providing a healthy and thriving tennis ecosystem where all the best of the game and its players can come together in common interest and colorful pastime. CFTA is all-inclusive, and strives to foster the growth of tennis by offering more than just another local tennis league by offering a modern, dynamic, fulfilling, and expansive tennis experience for all players of all skill levels. CFTA remains dedicated to providing a tennis environment focused on fun, positive energy, sportsmanship, and the voice of its players, while maintaining a sincere and on-going interest in mutual benefit to its supporters and communities.


Executive Committee

RJ Colton -

Jerry Cutchens -

Noel Gubatan -

Matt Steverson -

Tobias Svantesson -